Wines and Fizz


Calling all wine lovers! Sit back and relax with a glass from our carefully selected range of wine and fizz.

Enjoy the taste of summer with our selection of Rose wine. Sip on our newest addition, the Lacento Pinot Grigio, a light and fresh Italian wine or the classic Gallo Family Vineyards Grenache, a soft, fruity wine. Fancy something crisp? Indulge in Barefoot Cellars White Zinfandel, with hints of strawberry it’s delightful!

Whether crisp and dry, zesty, sweet and fruity, we have a white wine for wherever your mood takes you. Enjoy with food, or share a bottle between friends and family. Sweet tooth? Our newest addition to the white wine family, Liebfraumilch, is a great, classic choice.

Find the perfect accompaniment to our tasty meat dishes with our range of red wines. Why not try the newly added Campo Viejo Rioja, a spicy, rich and fruity wine or the Silverland Malbec; a smooth treat with hints of plum and cherry.

Fizz up your Friday (or any day of the week for that matter). We’ve now added Piccini, a sparkling wine packed with zest and flavour to our fabulous collection. We’re also sure you’ll love Ca Belli Prosecco, its white blossom goodness mixed with fresh pear and green apple notes ensures it goes down a treat!